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The staff and Dr. Miller are extremely friendly, efficient, and give excellent care. I will go nowhere else.

– Sandara M

Dr. Miller’s office was my best experience at a dental office ever!! From the kind and professional front office person to all the staff who worked with me and to the dentist, I was treated promptly and courteously. I’m telling all my friends about Miller Family Dentistry!!

– Jan B

Super friendly, great atmosphere… I don’t have a panic attack seeing Ann or her staff…
– Tracey S

Good self-care shouldn’t be something to dread.

At Miller Family Dentistry, in Chambersburg, PA, you’ll find a fresh experience that caters to your needs.

When you walk through our doors, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a cozy living room, complete with a giant stone fireplace and comfortable couches and seats. We invite you to sit back and relax while you get top-notch care in a warm, welcoming environment. Our family dentist is here to care for all the smiles in your family with comprehensive dentistry services for all ages. Our goal is to make your dental appointment the best part of your day!

Your smile makes a difference.

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Request an appointment at your convenience.

We’ll find a time that works with your schedule. Simply call us at 717.267.3922 or click below to get started.

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Experience a different kind of dental visit.

A trip to the family dentist shouldn’t feel impersonal. Relax in our comfortable space and get top-quality dental care from a caring, experienced dental team.

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Know your oral health is in good hands.

A clean, good-looking grin can restore confidence and add some bounce in your step. Get ready to show it off!

Three ways to get a better grin

Put us to the test!

Attention to detail for your comfort.

Enjoy noise-canceling headphones and blankets while you receive excellent care. Our purpose is to make each patient feel comfortable and welcomed into our “home.”

A wide array of in-house services.

From small procedures to more complex ones, we have you covered. We even offer treatment for sleep apnea, so that you can rest easy.

A plan for every budget.

We are committed to providing quality and affordable dental health care. That’s why we always discuss treatment options first and offer flexible payment options.

Our Services

We take care of just about anything you need, in-house.


If you wear removable dentures that drive you nuts, an All-on-4 permanently anchored bridge may help.

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Bone Grafting

Thanks to bone grafting technology and skillful dentists like ours, patients can restore lost bone support and improve their quality of life.

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Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is a noninvasive procedure and one of the most economical ways to correct small issues that may bother you about your smile.

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Does your tooth need a little rehab? It’s not uncommon for teeth to become worn, cracked, or misshapen, but a simple crown can make them look and feel new again.

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Crowns Lengthening

This procedure redefines your gum line to reveal the beautiful teeth that were hidden there all along.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are a practical and permanent solution that our team can provide by surgically placing an anchor for a replacement tooth.

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Dental Sealants

No matter how well you brush and floss, your mouth has hard to reach places. Dental sealants to the rescue!

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Dentures & Bridges

Whether you need partial or full dentures to restore your smile (or even just a single tooth), our team will focus on aesthetics, fit, and comfort to provide replacements that look like your natural teeth.

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Dental Emergencies

If you are suffering from a dental emergency, you need to know that you will be taken care of – and quickly.

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The earlier you visit for a filling, the more likely you’ll be to avoid a potential emergency later.

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General Dentistry

We work hard to provide your family with the best services available, using state-of-the-art technology coupled with friendly, comprehensive, non-judgmental care.

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Gum Disease Treatment

We want to help you prevent and treat periodontal disease before it deteriorates your smile. So, at every visit, our team checks for signs of gingivitis, the earliest stage of periodontitis.

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Inlays & Onlays

If more than half of your tooth’s biting surface is damaged, use inlays and onlays to repair it without causing more damage down the line.

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Invisalign And Invisalign Teen

The Invisalign® system straightens teeth with a series of custom-fitted, clear, removable aligners.

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Implant Supported Dentures
Implant supported dentures are secured onto posts implanted within the jaw.

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Kid-Friendly Dentistry

We make sure even our smallest patients understand the importance of good oral health as they learn how to maintain healthy smiles at home!

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Laser Therapy

Laser periodontal therapy is a minimally invasive and highly targeted treatment that only removes and kills bacteria in your mouth, so you can keep your healthy tissue in place.

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A mouthguard is a covering that fits over your teeth to protect your mouth from potential injury and allows you to enjoy sports with freedom.

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Night Guards

Removable night guards snap into place to form a layer between your top and bottom teeth and relieve the tension in your jaw.

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Occlusal Adjustment
Our skilled team will be able to determine if occlusal adjustment may be an appropriate treatment for the discomfort you are experiencing.

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Oral Surgery

We would love to see you keep ALL of your teeth, but there are some circumstances in which oral surgery is the best treatment plan.

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Periodontal Maintenance
Our team will determine a personalized periodontal maintenance plan to keep your concerns at bay. We’ll consider your history and susceptibility to advanced periodontal disease and provide a recommendation that fits your needs as a patient.

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Ridge Augmentation

With a ridge augmentation, you’ll be on your way to better looking gums or regaining your natural-looking smile.

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Ridge Preservation

Ridge preservation is a quality bone-grafting procedure that will protect your gums!

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Root Canal Therapy

Root canals have a bad reputation. We want you to know that they don’t have to be traumatic and can help keep your teeth intact.

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Routine Dental Care

Just like routine oil changes keep your car’s engine in great working order, regular dental care is essential to maintain a healthy smile.

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Same Day CEREC Crowns

Does your tooth need a little rehab? t’s not uncommon for teeth to become worn, cracked, or misshapen, but a simple same day CEREC crown can make them look and feel new again.

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Scaling and Root Planing
With scaling and root planing, we’ll be able to rid your mouth of the effects of periodontal disease and treat your gingivitis early, before it advances into later stages.

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Sleep Solutions

Snoring. Low energy. Brain fog. Irritability. Experiencing these exhausting symptoms could indicate more than a poor night’s sleep. You may be experiencing obstructive sleep apnea. If so, we have a solution.

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Teeth Whitening

If your teeth look a little dull or discolored, consider a professional whitening treatment and let your smile shine!

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For the right candidate, veneers can easily solve a variety of dental problems, including: stained and discolored teeth, small spacing issues and gaps, chipped, crooked, or misshapen teeth, and old dental work in need of repairs.

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